Registration- Language Stimulation

Questionnaire anglais - Stimulation du langage (2021)

Informations générales et coordonnées

#, rue et ville

Habiletés de communication et de langage

* 2-part directions: give me the ball and the duck… / put the duck in the basket
My child shows interest in other people *
My child demonstrates an interest in communicating *
My child uses many ways to be understood (pointing, gestures) *
My child starts to say 2 words together (e.g. more cookie) *
Simple questions: What, Where, Who, Whose, What is he doing, Which one / Concepts: words of dimension, quantity, location, color, quality, space, time, etc.
My child expresses their desires and needs verbally *
My child uses a variety of words (people, objects, actions, adjectives) *
My child makes sentences of 3 to 4 words *
My child pronounces quite well most words of 2 syllables *
My child understands 2-part directions and different concepts * *
* 2-part directions: give me the ball and the duck… / put the duck in the basket
My child comments, asks questions, answers questions *
My child uses an accurate and varied vocabulary *
My child makes sentences of 6 words or more *
My child is easily understood by family *
My child understands long and complex sentences or directives *
My child participates in conversations, tells stories *
My child uses a specific vocabulary, categories of words *
My child is easily understood by others (non-family) *
My child speaks fluently, without hesitation *
My child conjugates verbs well when speaking
My child maintains a conversation for several speaking rounds on the same topic
My child tells a story with complex sentences, while respecting the order of events
My child understands more complex and precise instructions such as "circle the smallest square"
My child makes complex associations between different concepts


An email confirming of the form will be sent to you. A Case Worker will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your needs and complete your child's registration for the service. *
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I authorize the Maison de la Famille de Vaudreuil-Soulanges and the CISSSMO-CLSC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges to share the information concerning my child that is necessary for the language stimulation workshops